Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beer Tech 'Cell Canceler'- More beer, less distraction!

For a bit of Beer technology today, I scooped up this article from Maria Cevada (my all things Brazialian beer go-to girl) on a new more socializing product from Polar (distributed by AmBev) announced late on Wednesday, in Porto Alegreand. Sited here.

[caption id="attachment_1486" align="alignright" width="400"]anuladordecelular 'Anulador de Celular' or 'Cell Canceller', sure to make you the most avoided person at the party[/caption]

Much related to the Offline glass's way of thinking, the Anulador de Celular or Cell Canceler's goal, according to the brand, is to prevent friends gathered at the bar table from interacting with those on the other side of the mobile line rather than with those around you.

Although all in Portuguese the commercial actor makes it clear what he is saying and what needs to be done about it. Encase one's beer in a highly nerdy anti-satellite koozie that much resembles a massive bug spray can.

"Stop looking at your phone and look at that beautiful woman in front of you!"

"Stop looking at your phone and look at that beautiful beer in front of you!"

The Cell Canceler, with behavior similar to signal jammers some prisons, was developed in a 3D printer by Paim at the request of the manufacturer and is already patented. The main novelty is the reduction in the radius range of the device, which was limited to a bar table, or about 1.5 meters, according to the company.

But don't worry, the Cell Canceler cannot be used for evil, as there has to be a bottle in the holder for it to work. No sober users allowed!

There is no demonstration on how one drinks out of the Cell Canceler but being someone with a shitty phone, I support devices like this out of sheer spite for those of you who can Twitter, Instagram and Like things while I'm forced to read the fine print on the backs of your Iphone4, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia Z etc...

Cheers to forced IRL interaction without distraction!




  1. I want this thing to be real, I want this thing to be deployed by all breweries that care about the experience of drinking beer rather than the experience of "internetting" you are drinking beer.

  2. W00t! Full agreeance by Nitch

  3. Hi, I'm one of the creatives responsible for this product.
    I rest assure you guys that the "anulador de celular" is real and working properly.
    To answer your question about how you drink it, you just tip the whole thing and pour the beer into the glass. In Brazil, because of the warm weather, is quite common to place the beer bottle inside of a cooler. The same stuff happens here.
    And, thank you for your post. It was awesome to see that our creation is expanding it's regional borders (Polar beer is only and exclusively sell in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).

  4. Thank you very much José for confirming details and reassuring drinkers. TastingNitch is dedicated to bringing only the best in creative beer culture- INTERNATIONALLY.
    We'll keep updating on the 'anulador de celular' as more information comes out! (International availability?! It is 3D printable...)


  5. Good information. Lucky me I found your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I've bookmarked it for later!

  6. Le plaisir c'est pour moi, Elvia, I've been bookmarked- much appreciated!