Monday, December 10, 2012

Thirsting For: The BeerBug

My hours of trolling kickstarter have yet to pay off with me finding that radically cool thing being marketed before anyone else I know.

Thank you Reddit for bringing to my attention this christmas desire I didn't even know I was thirsting for!

A Digial Hydrometer!
(oddly enough, wiki credits Hypathia of Greece for the invention, which pulls to my mind a fantastic movie called Agora that is a dramatic, philosophical must see with no relation to beer)

The Nitch agrees with the boys slinging the product, "I feel a lot of pain and distress when I have to manually take a hydrometer measure." And sometimes it gets my hands dirty.

I can hear my great grand children now, "you had to take gravity readings like a Neanderthal did?!" Pretty much, yeah. Brewing processes haven't changed so greatly from our ancestorial times, aside from refrigeration. There are brewers who still do everything by eye, sound and smell!

The BeerBug allows you to pop your head into your brew! Like at the aquarium where you can crawl into the passing strangeness of the plastic and pee smelling hole to pop up under a glass bubble so your head is under water with the fishes: but for beer.

Yes, Nitch is craving a BeerBug, which is great because it was funded around November 21st and is selling for around $200 a pop. Ouch, I know, not the price we were all looking for, but a step down the ladder and they'll be chewed up with purchases. Give em time to devalue a bit, like those 3d printers and soon, we'll all be asking, "wait, you measure your gravity with a hydrometer?"

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