Monday, December 10, 2012

"Women, don't be afraid of beer"

Women aren't afraid of anything

Or shouldn't be at least.

Since we are masters of the universe, it is tragic that men forget to understand the potential for destruction we have. Difference between men and women is that men blow things up and women tell them to push the button, subliminally, years before they were even elected official button pusher.
At times our amazingly sweet subtly is difficult to get across the internet and we have to take a less then cherry pie approach  A lovely lady in the Cincinnati-area on a fantastic "all things alcohol" community blog put a few men whirling with her straight and hard cocked facts (with a light dollop of opinion) on Women and Beer. 

The Brew Professor may be picking pieces of love dust from his teeth, because that was a high and cheery blow to the cranium. Women are stereotyped in the beer world, which is fine, because men are still stereotyped in fashion world. It is an even trade for the moment.

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