Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tasting: L'Eurélienne Blonde

Nitch rated  3.88/5
Brassée a la ferme 

Microbrasserie de Chandres

Also stamped with a lovely Terres D'Eure & Loire representation


6.5% abv

A: Flaxen yellow, lazy small bubbles with an active white one finger thick head 3.0

S: Sweet hop flowers and light caramel malt 4.0 

T: Nice bitter hop tang in the front followed by a sweet toasted malt and earthy grass and grain bread finish. 3.5

M: Dry to medium body 3.5

O: A very nice, well hopped and balanced beer. I would put it under Pale Ale but with a distinct bread yeast strain. The bottom of the glass has heaps of goo yeast, um! 3.5

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