Friday, June 20, 2014

The the Eff happened to the hops?!

I'm out at one of my local favorite spots, scooping up their wifi signal and swaying to the sweet jams like a single geeky lady does on a weekday evening when I came across this beast:

Photo on 6-19-14 at 6.10 PM #3

I admit that I come to this place more because I like the people, decor and extremely fresh cocktail line up than because of the beer selection. So, for the time being, I will leave the location un named. I'm chocking down the beer as we speak and wishing I had stuck to a commercial grade Guinness.

YardBird Pale Ale

has possibly crossed many seas to be chilled in the cooler of my local favorite bar. I make this assumption because the "hoppy finish" it smirks about on the label finishes like a regrettable morning after mouthfeel. Greene King has a closer relationship with Corona than Cascade.

It makes me wish I had one of these candies in my pocket! Too bad I can't get these beauties in France just yet. recently took matter's into the kitchen and gathered up ingredients for a do it yourself : Play with your beer.


Any of you other crafty beer people got hop candy recipes? Lets compare notes!

But then you may be wondering : what the hell are hops, anyway?

And if you have to ask that question then you aren't ready for the BJCP's 2014 style guideline update- like me.

Get on my skunked beer hating, home making, beer geeking level yo.



  1. You can get the hop candy in Paris. Talk to Brandon or Simon at LaCave a Bulles . I don't know if Brandon is still there, but if he is, tell him that I have some new varieties: Apollo Bravo Zeus Nugget SuperGalena Calypso and a Cascade from a different supplier, also there's a mixed bag with all the new varieties included. I sent them two orders a while back but haven't heard from them since so it must not have gone over too well for them. Cécile at Brewberry was also in on the deal. I don't really advertise (for a variety of reasons) but sell to lots of places and still have some bugs to work out before I take the step to the next level. Swag has been selling it for a few years and seems to be doing pretty well so I have a feeling that advertising would bury me at this point. Hop On!

  2. There you are!
    Where have you been hiding?
    Brandon is no longer at CaB all the time but I do recall getting hop candy there at one point. Team Swag had recently rolled through so I had assumed it was them, but if you are local then lets get you some face time. Send me a message about your product! I would love to know more.