Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not enough head?


Or not enough in your head?

There are all sorts of videos (even for the meek), inventions, high profile interviews and (for some God awful reason) competitions on how to best pour a beer to achieve the most desirable frothy top coat.

There are some beers that have all the outter layers of beauty and allure:


Surrealistic label, temptingly sweet aroma, full bubbly top and tawny tanned body cannot make up for the fact that MULA (tested at A la bière comme à la bière) is all beauty and no brain.

While Rogue Farm's Hopyard Honey comes from a family of beers with less than desirable company history and a pour reminiscent of fresh piss :



there is a smart sense about the ZERO hopped mead style brew. Soft and subtle with notes of floral jasmine and delicate sweetness, Rogue has done things with their farm stead that are worth a look. I have a friend allergic to hops (I know, crazy sad existence for her!) which opens us up to interesting drinking selections while in beer geek world.

Expanding one's horizons is part of educating one's mind.

Try some of these on size to keep beering and learning:

Don't be a dummy, be smart with what you fill your tummy!



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