Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brew free! or die IPA

21st Amendment Brew free! or die Ipa


If you are anything like me (and who wouldn't want to be like me?) then after a long day/night of work the best thing is getting home, taking your shoes off and cracking open a cold one.

I brew free! or die IPA! I live free or IPA! Here in Paris, my main beer preaching goal is to spread the word of crafting through understanding that beer can be made by all! Not just IPAs though. Because, apart from death and taxes, the one thing that's certain in my life is that I'll never be a hop addict.


Porters and stouts are just as good in warm weather as a lager or hoppy ale. The debate continues on about this topic! But for me, when people ask what my favorite beer is I say that it depends entirely options available and my current mood.

If you are in Southern California pick your self up a Mexican Logger from Durango, CO for a post work brew. Rejoice all you So-Cal-ians at the newest addition to the already outstanding craft beer line up with Ska brewing. Distributed through Stone Brewing who has ties with Maui Brewing, Ska might soon be in the hands of hard working Hawaiians as well!

'The perfect Mexican Lager. Light and refreshing, it really hits the spot after a long day of brutal chainsaw work.'

I work hard so I can drink good beer.


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  • Drinking beer after working out is better than water- or so 'they' say.

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  • Brew Free! Or die IPA is also New Hampshire's oldest home brewing club <fact>

  • Take decadent after hours treats to anther level with The Beeroness's Beer and Candy pairing!


  1. Those Candy and Bert pairings sound intriguing. I love Speculaas (Speculoos) and Dunkelbock myself.

    Also love your shoe and can photo!

  2. Vintage shoes with new age beer - who wouldn't love it?!
    I'm exploring more exotic pairing styles! Beer with ice creams?! Why not...


  3. Yay! As a Brew Free or Die member, I thank thee for the shout out to New Hampshire's oldest brew club!
    Also, I love you for making the world a better place.

  4. Good to hear from a member of the organization, YRA, and an organization who does their cheers in Swedish (or is it just a viking thing?) is always welcome on the pages. Keep me in the loop for Brew Free or Die updates!