Friday, June 6, 2014

Particle SMaSH on a boat, mother fuckers

Friends, beautiful weather and Particle SMaSH picnic on a lightly rocking boat


After a rainy few days, sunshine in Paris demands outdoor dinner and great craft beer. ON A BOAT!

Collage2The cinema by the canal is split in two, so the business offers a free boat taxi to take people from one side of the water to the other. Pointless, seeing as how the bridge walk likely takes about the same amount of time. But, who cares, I'm friends with one of the boat drivers so lets joy ride and soak up the sun rays on the water.

DSCF9075Sunshine on my beer bubbles! A big cheers to Tony Yates, American expat in Norway and high level nano brewer, for sending over this hoppy, citrus laced IPA. Particle SMaSH is a bomb between Vienna malt and Citra hops that is extremely well balanced and refreshing as all hell. Perfect beer for boat dinner and bag salad.


When needed, take all salad ingredients and put in bag- shake. BAM! bag salad. I opted for some blue cheese, olive oil, green apples and walnuts for my iceberg lettuce salad on the go.

Nano Brewery Northern Rock's Citra SMaSH Particle paired great with my impromptu salad and my friend's fresh gnocchi dish.

It might just be me, but anything on a boat is better.


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