Tuesday, September 3, 2013

James Deen, Samual Smith and other pornographic findings

"my name is james i am a simple guy who likes to eat sleep and watch tv... oh ya i also bang chicks for a living :-)"

Through some route of reddit discovery I ended up reading an article about a guy named James Deen. Not James Dean, James Deen- the porn star. I watched a few internet interviews, decided I liked the guy's style and added his blog to my news feed. Then I grabbed my personalized Crown Royal bag of goodies and went to see what his cock looked like.

[caption id="attachment_1671" align="alignnone" width="628"]image James Deen on the set of GQ- article here but read this, because it is shorter and more interesting[/caption]

I compared his filmography with my current pornography collection and was not surprised (because it is a vast collection) to found him in a few flicks, but then was surprised to find him a fair amount of the films (not a menial feat). Startled that I hadn't recognize him (one tends to watch the girls) but delighted to find that his range was as varied Angelina Jolie's husbands. One movie he is all kissing, rubbing and the comedic guy next door and the next he is master slave driver and leather toy collector.

But.. This is a beer blog...Put your pants on?

After hours of video research with no connection to beer, I was about to get my sticky fingers back at the keyboard for some serious writing when I discovered this:
"i personally like stouts and porters."


Ah HA!

Blog went something like this:

"Oatmeal stouts and London porters are the only ones I really like, like Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing."

-bon app mag

There you have it- the man knows the name of a fairly good beer, a craft brewery and sub styles beyond simple stout and porter. Fairly beer geeky- level 3, I'd say.

[caption id="attachment_1675" align="alignright" width="300"]Old Rasputin- One of James Deen's favorite beers Old Rasputin- One of James Deen's favorite beers[/caption]

Like an x-files episode, I started uncovering how beer world Nitch was related to Porn world James Deen

Beer Nitch vs Porn James Deen (JD)

JD entered the porn industry at 18 and found the secret to happiness- doing what you love.

Nitch entered the craft beer industry at the age 18 and found the secret to happiness- brewing what you love.

When I tell people about my love of the beer industry and how, basically in all ways I can think of, it is the most amazing career to have, they smile and agree. Same thing happens with JD- ya just can't complain when you are bagging out the stuff you love, be is beers or buttholes.

James Deen has a real name- Bryan

Nitch has a real name- Nichole

My stage name doesn't get screamed by women in heat, but it does get a of !!!'s after it when people are sharing tweets about me.

JD born in 1986

Nitch born in 1986

Both children of the 80's but no cognitive memories until the 90's

[caption id="attachment_1679" align="alignright" width="512"]tales-from-the-crypt Most enjoyed childhood tv show-Nitch[/caption]

JD Loves Food (the show), but in particular French food.

Nitch loves food, but she lives in France and misses burritos.

JD is a massive tech nerd and is the premier porn man to use the new google glass for PoV porn. Watch trailer here.

Nitch is just a nerd- all good nerds want google glass. Think auto Untappd!

JD one has sex with someone who interviewed him.

Nitch once had sex with someone she interviewed.

When you are done judging books bey their cover, it is time to flick through the pages.

1073_1342836878Dirty, dirty, dirty! Do it again

We've discovered something here my friends- Porn and Beer are natural relatives. Horney twice removed same-age cousins maybe.

Beer geek girl mixing two fantasy favorites together. Maybe I'll start making beer porn like this, but with boob and buttholes instead of anime nerding.

Porn people seem like fun loving, down to earth folks- just like the beer community people- we both deal in the basic, primal careers of mankind. Beer, boobs and buttholes*.

Signing off for the day, requesting James Deen to send craft beer and cock photos, but accepting all personal beer + nude submissions*.


*the last two are, at the moment, primarily for personal and adult industry use but with Nitch's driving force beer and boobs will be much closer then they are today, someday. Someday.

*all lovely dirty, dirty submissions will be shared with the Tasting Nitch reader world, after being personally appreciated by the moderator.julie-henderson-cleavage-beer



  1. You're going to get some seriously fucked up search terms leading to this post but kudos for raising the beer blogging+boobs bar

  2. Got you here, now didn't it. ^.^ Stay tuned for more proper beer+boobs blogging