Thursday, September 12, 2013

Man Survives On Hops

Paris resident and American national, Brandon aka American Beer Geek in Paris is 'Super Size'-ing his hop intake with a two week vow to imbibe only beer, #noH2o.

Man Survives On Hops

[caption id="attachment_1789" align="alignnone" width="600"]Brandon with his Nanny State at Brandon with his Nanny State[/caption]

That beer is BrewDog's Nanny State, a 0.5% abv near beer that was originally a joke concept created in 2009 as a rebuttle to local outcry at their then newly released 18% abv beer Tokoyo.

Nanny State follows in the steps of BrewDog's 3.5% abv IPA How To Dissapear Completely, taking the concept of a hop session to a new level.

'There is over 60 kilos used in our tiny 20HL batch. It contains more hops than any other beer ever brewed in the UK. It has a theoretical IBU of 225."

BrewDog states:

"You can buy some and make your own little protest against the bueorocracy and regulation epidemic that is apparently all that stands between us and the slow and gradual downfall of Western civilisation here."

Brandon is protesting against the 'bueorocray and regulation epidemic' of general health practicioners by depriving himself of water (he admits to having a glass of juice every now and then) and seeing if it is, in fact, possible to die from hops.

Death by Hops?

Google says that it isn't really possible, even the cdc doesn't have any cases of hop poisoning. Hops are a dangerous plant though- for dogs. And can be smoked by humans, but usually just causes a headache (first hand account, that one there).

Put a little beer on it

Not only does Brandon add the highly hopped beer to his cooking but substitutes Nanny State for his milk with cereal and keeps a bottle on his shower rack.

[caption id="attachment_1791" align="aligncenter" width="819"]Collage How a man survives on hops[/caption]

BrewDog has got wind of Brandon's mission to prove the health abilities of low alcohol beer and have made a few suggestions themselves, including:

Steam his clothes with a beer-powered iron

Washing car

Boiling rice

Brushing teeth (a hop rinse please)

Hot Tea

But why not also:

A bubbly mixed fruit bowl

Nanny State and scotch (man's gotta drink while fasting)

Eye contact beer rinse

Or you could get real culinary and do what the Beeroness suggests:

IPA Ceviche lettuce wraps

IPA Caesar salad dressing

Jalapeno IPA Hummus

Old idea with new approach

Trying to kill oneself with beer isn't a new concept, my father tried to do it for years, just as humanity has  tried done ever since creating and consuming alcohol. Using beer in new creative ways is a funny thing to watch, like people sitting in cold beer baths or, heck way not fill your prosthetic legs with lager. But beer as means to internal health?

30 day beer cleanse to lose weight

Modern drunkard wakes up pools of his own shit

Brandon might not be changing the bureaucracy, finding the cure for cancer, or even deeply effecting his own physical well being (other than making his piss hop scented) by using .5% abv beer as a water substitute for two weeks but he is doing something we (American) beer geeks admire- pushing hop consumption to new, ever ridiculous levels.

Thumps up for #Man Survives On Hops!



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