Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tasting- MOOR'S Old Freddy Walker

Moving from written word to video world is no minor task. I think I'm a perfectionist. This tasting was done a few weeks ago while I filmed my new venture- vlogging.

Unfortunately I can't stop editing the damn thing and still have no desire to share it with the outside world. More on vlogging later On to the beer!

MOOR BEER COMPANY- Old Freddy Walker


A: Black as might night, black as pitch, blacker then the foulest witch! A rusty, big bubbled head that is full and lingering.

S: Spices like clove and thyme, yeasty cooking bread smell and then almost a pine tree hint deep under a chocolate boozy head.

OurBeersOFW2T: What a delight! Melts in your mouth, I feel instantly drunk. Drunk with delight and not with alcohol. There are no strong alcohol esters. Vlogging and drinking, oh my. Tastes of prune, red fruits and smooth chocolate. Very little bitter at the end balancing out the sweet toffee middle.

M: Smooth and fully body

Collage2O: Yum, yum, yum! I would love to shelf some of these and see how they age over the years. I feel like the notes will change gradually over time, revealing more of the under tones with the spice and ripe fruit or it could move toward more chocolate and molasses. What a great, hardy beer that isn't carried away with alcohol. Although the bottle is large, a beer geek like yours truly can take work herself through the whole bottle before a nap beside the fire. It screams of the holidays and sharing- so maybe it is one of those brews to save/collect each year and open with the friends and family on a cold winter night.

My video review isn't global but BeerGogglesReviews has a spot on description of Old Freddy Walker.

"Smells like christmas pudding in the kitchen- herbal notes from things like stuffing, and then you've got something.. almost like your nan is sitting at the end of the table with a port. Buxom, like a chubby bride's maid, warm and inviting- holiday cheer in a glass."

Couldn't agree more!

Cheers to Old Freddy Walker and merci to Will at Bierevolution for the tasting donation.

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