Monday, August 19, 2013

Beer and Beauty: Hummingbird Homestead Soap

Hummingbird Homestead Soap was brought to my delighted attention by the Albino Rhino's recent review of their SpearHead Hawaiian Pale Ale soap. A review that not only gets you a festival chat with one of the owner's- Albert but also gives a saucy showing of how to use the soap.

At about six minutes in, the Albino Rhino (cats cleared from the set) enters the shower for the hands on beer product evaluation! Reminding me of the much loved Beer Shower Project by BigFry.


Moving past hairy men in showers with beers...

Hummingbird Homestead Soap Company

London Ontario Canada based Hummingbird Homestead Soap Company is ran by married couple Danielle and Albert who not only make all their products by hand, but grown many of the ingredients in their own back yard.

[caption id="attachment_1577" align="alignright" width="400"]draft_lens19756179module161555823photo_1346958733a_00 Hummingbird Homestead's IPA Bomb Soap[/caption]

These products are great for people with sensitive skin, but also for those who are concerned about the planet and want to know exactly where their products come from. We are talking sustainable, home made, and created with love!

Albino Rhino says:

"Better lather, better ingredients, better smell, more natural and you need to use a lot less of it. It is more expensive than [Irish Spring] but [with that] you're putting a lot of shit on you... "


"If you're a world economics type guy, they plant a tree for every bar of soap they sell!"

Shower beer! 




  1. HAHA, well I guess I asked for that by being dumb enough to make said video. Cheers, keep up the great blog I actually will make sure to stop in here more often as the writing style is quite good to keep my short attention span!


  2. Dumb? DUMB? The video was priceless- I think all future beer reviews should be conducted nude in the shower.