Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alexandra Ortiz de Fargher: Mistress of the Hop

[caption id="attachment_1532" align="alignright" width="146"]e Alex ala Barleys Angels Alexandra aka Alex a la Barley's Angel Beer and Glam photo shoot: Mistress of the Hop[/caption]

Over due recognition must be placed on the beautiful and extremely talented Mrs. Alexandra Ortiz de Fargher. Co-founder of Shades of Pale brewing, dedicated Barley's Angels and Pink Boot Society organizer, hop obsessed artist and fiery Tango dancer, Alexandra Ortiz de Fargher has been the cover art for Tasting Nitch since the switch from blogspot to .com. That little expressionistic hop art piece that hovers on the cover of Tasting Nitch the is heart and soul of Alexandra Ortiz de Fargher: Mistress of the Hop.

All non for profit, mind you, so if you like what you see when you scope the Tasting Nitch cover, please take a moment to view all the beautiful creations of the Rag tag alley artist or pop into the brewery and order a pint.

Alexandra's hop drenched art has inspired me to make my own beer influenced illustrations, finding my own artistic style is an adventure in color and insight that I credit to Alexandra's wild and vibrant hop renditions. Hops in oil paint, hops digitalized, vive le hops, henna hops and more, as she does not limit herself to one medium or model while maintaining a strong sense of her own character. The fiery Colombian couldn't contain herself to her desk either, as the business degree and finance world wasn't able to hold her in place- “That’s it, no more talking–just do it!” Husband Trent Fargher soon found himself knee deep in a new brewery: Shades of Pale of Park City, Utah.


"We first became aware of SOP back in November of 2009. Utah's newest brewery is the brainchild of Trent Fargher & his wife Alexandra. The two relocated to Summit County seven years ago from the Breckenridge, Colo., area."

-Utah Beer

Shades of Pale has been has been running head first and full on ever since it got it's feet on the ground.

"Opened in May of 2011, Shades of Pale’s business has grown 1000% over the last two years. Fargher expects the growth to continue and plans, by 2014, to move within the Park City area and increase production by hiring up to 10 employees."

-Utah Stories

Not only does Alexandra do demolition, jack hammering, cement cutting, and cement block moving (her and her husband did most the remodeling needed to bring the building up to code for the brewery) but she has also doubled as assistant brewer, keg washer, bottle labeler, case packer, and has moved her share of grain. She also manages HR, PR, social media, merchandising, and is SEO while keeping in touch with her art as director of everything having to do with branding, marketing materials or graphics for the brewery.

bas_logoOn the side she founded the Barley's Angels Utah chapter. Barley’s Angels is an international women only organization whose members are passionate about craft beer.  Their mission is to grow the sisterhood though education on the love of boutique beer.

Currently Alexandra is taking her art to new levels, dabbling in what she calls Brewery Boutique, with neck-ties, flip-flops, Iphone cases, and excellent hop medley messenger bags!

deep-passion-hops-for-great-beer-alexandra-ortiz-de-fargherAbove all, Tasting Nitch wants to acknowledge and give thanks to Mrs. Alexandra Ortiz de Fargher for representing women in their proper place on top of the beer world. Thank you for all that have done and continue to do, spreading the artistic and educational word about the culture and beauty of suds. We'll be keeping an eye out for new projects that are sure to fascinate and charm in their hop soaked goodness, bringing them directly to Tasting Nitch for the beer world to delight in.

Priestesses of the pint, goddesses of the grain and creative beer cultured artisan- keep up the great work! We are your fan!



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