Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grab Beer by the balls!

Spoof video for April fools takes the attention of many, forcing the Colorado brewery Wynkoop to make good on its joke.

25 pounds of rocky mountain oysters later: you got yourself a stout with some kick.

It takes a lot of balls to make a testicle beer! Okay, last pun, I promise. Tasting notes? Can't find word of anyone who has lipped the brew just yet but as soon as I know, we'll all know.


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  2. It was pretty good actually. Had a taster or two at the 2012 GABF. It was probably my imagination but deep within all the dark roast malty goodness I thought I tasted salt. Earthy, sweet, a little hot perhaps. A nice stout - I'll give it a go again this year. Supposedly it is made with 6bpbbl -6 balls per barrel.


  3. Tasted like salt... a little hot, eh. Oh.. you're dirty. And as for, 6bpbbl. Laugh and cringe, laugh and cringe.
    I would love to try the beer though! Let me know if the flavors change or if you experience any other um.. exotic notes next time you get a sample.