Saturday, February 2, 2013

Micro brewery in Chandres, France

La Microbrasserie de Chandres



The brewery goes by both names 
since they are the only brewers in the city

French people haven't attached themselves to the life boat of beer loving just yet.

They drink a lot of wine

They are raising beer taxation a 160% after January 2013

This French Microbrewery (one word or two, take your pick), was discovered by my partner and I while at a Food & Wine Festival in Orleans, France. Here is a bit of a vid that popped up on youtube shortly after the Festival. If you don't speak French then you get to see the head of the Brew Master and if you speak French, then you can learn a bit about the brewery!

Just before christmas we decided to take a slick stroll over to Chandres to get the grand tour.
What the tour is supposed to look like

L'Eurelienne is located in Chandres, which is outside of Chartes but actually in a smaller area called Sours. Took me weeks to realize that my web searching was telling me about the brewery location, not the beer flavor. They do not make sours. 

Ambrèe Myrtle***Amber Wild Blueberry
Cuvee de Noël***Christmas Cuvee

L'Eurelienne isn't too keen on accessibility for reality handicapped people and haven't got much on the web to show off.
Facebook is a flop
.com is non existant
and searches come out with weak tourist sites
make sure your google translate is on

Thus, a pop video of me and the French man hitting up the brewery

Don't get your hopes up and try to keep the laughter down. This is serious!

Flashy box? That's guna cost ya

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