Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thirsting For: Handcrafted leather beer koozie

Time for another moment where Nitch helps you become more socially acceptable!


Using a zebra and pink feathered, zip up bottle koozie means that you are a classless woman who wears underwear from wal mart or a classless gay man who wears underwear from wal mart.

 Using a "missing in action" koozie means that your love for your military brethren is equated to your own self hate and cheapness. It was made in China. POW and MIA are worth more then foam and plastic embossing.


Stop it. It's embarrassing how much you want to be back in college


Budding business and all man team Parlor, kickstarts a new business for the discerning home beer guzzler: leather beer koozies. Define beer koozie.

Tired of cold hands and redundant labels and bored with your swag foam koozie?

Time for an upgrade!

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