Friday, February 15, 2013

Mikkeller opening new bars worldwide

Beer Pulse popped in today to tell me that Mikkeller, the roving contemporary team and thier brews, will be setting up a specialty craft beer bar in San Francisco. 

Not exactly the newest place to plop down a bar, in fact, it can be considered the home base of the American craft beer revival with Anchor Steam having deep roots. 

They are spawning new beer hop spots all over the world though------->

I like Mikkeller's labeling and marketing. 

The beers aren't always the best, but they are creative, fresh- younger geared and available at the beer shop I have access to. 

The prices are outrageous, but I like that too. 

For more on the opening of bars, check out the Mikkeller Facebook

You heard it! Mikkeller is opening new bar in Copenhagen and we want all you Beer Geeks and Mikkeller Freaks, your friends and family to come and celebrate with us. 1000 free beers will be poured, cool heavy dudes will appear and celebration will be all over Copenhagen, so join us!
16th March
at Stefansgade 35
2200 Copenhagen N

I'm going.

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