Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tasting: Rogue's Bacon Maple Ale

ROGUE- Bacon Maple Ale

VooDoo Donut Collaboration!

Growing up with Portland on the head, little Nitch and co had many a run with with ol' late night fried sugar ball palace! VooDoo Donuts, with it's bacon maple bars, miami vice's and cock shaped goodies is a staple of Portlandian existence. I picked up this beautiful bottle while at a tasting with my little bro. Figured the fam-fam might dig something in the interesting world of beer and gave my mom, steppy dad and auntie tasters.


750 ml

30 IBU

76 AA

30 Lovibond

14 Plato

A: Bright and rosy tan with thick white head.

S: Smoked bacon,  roasting maple sugar and little hints of yeasty bread. Smells like heaven!

T: "I feel like I got camp fire up my nose" -Aunt. Smoked malt, not bacon, but very smoked. No maple or bread in the taste.

M: Ashy, very dry with lingering.. ash.

O: Oh no. That did not go over well. No sweetness or maple but as it dries out it turns to a smoldering camp fire. Not balanced. Great bottle though.

My mom gave her glass sample to the dogs. They seemed to have enjoyed it.

I'm going back for another- just to make sure it's as bad as the first.



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