Monday, September 17, 2012

Tasting: Abbaye Mont St.Jean

Abbaye Mon St.Jean 4€20 six pack 25cl 6.2%

A: Honey colored with a soft amber glow, thick white head that piddles out very quickly

S: Belg yeast smothered in sweet malt

T: Chemical taste, like off oranges possibly the type of hop used but is confusing

M: Light body, light carbonation and a rounded slick feel on the palate

O: She isn’t pretty, she isn’t strong, she isn’t unique or traditional but for the price and effort, she is better then the blondes available in town.  

Follow me down a road of deception for a moment., which is my go to for ratings, had none of this beer locatable on its site while had a link directing to a cover brew that apparently is this same beer with anther label. Forgive me if I choke on confusion, but what the froth does that mean?! Beer can just slap on different labels and be something else and yet totally the same. Today kids, we learned that you shouldn't read a beer by it's cover because on the inside, he is JUST like all the other brown, nutty numbers out there. Saying he comes from a monastery when really he's been mishandled and exposed to too much sunlight. We meet at a grocery isle and I completely fall for your, "look at me, I have a lovably simple label and a pocket friendly price," as if being ascetically pleasing and middle class makes you worthy of my lips. I don't know you Abbaye Mont St. Jean, or should I say Abbaye de Theleme, who ever you pretend to be and when, our time together is OVER. Take this last picture of our night of passion and my simple, breezing review, but tempt me no more with your lies. The Nitch refuses to be fooled- Bah!

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