Wednesday, September 12, 2012

50 Ways To Open A Beer?

Bottle Cap Blues from chris sumers on Vimeo.

Hats off to the men envisioning and producing this delightful layout. Wondering what things can efficiently open beer bottles will be a thing of the past, construction sites are now a playground of bottle cap prying and although not shown, opening beers with your teeth is suddenly slightly more socially acceptable.

Outcries are being heard as thousands of people leap to their feet and proclaim, "hey! what about opening a beer with..." a horseshoe says the cowboy, carabiner says the rock climber, tits says the lesbian and so forth around the globe. 

Rise up your cameras beer bottle consumers and show us your jimmy riggin', back woods, "I got nothin' else but skills to open a bottle" swagger. 

Just know people that the money monsters are watching us like animals in an exhibit, studying our ways to better suck our hard earned cash, we are the polar bears and the red plastic barrels are our beer. 

Try not to be distracted by what you are playing with, it is whats inside that counts. 

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