Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tasting: Deschutes Brewing Black Butte 25th

24th Anniversary Reserve Porter 
Limited Quantities 
10.8% Abv 60 IBUs

XXIV. 24 years after Black Butte Porter's debut, our potent. layered, imperial tribute returns. As usual, it's a jazz riff, guided by the brewer's muse and the lure of exotic ingredients. Artisanal dark chocolate nibs. Deglet dates. Mission figs. It may, possibly, hopefully, be the best edition yet. But, as it should be, you'll judge of that.

Prosciutto Standing Rib Roast With Figs
Chocolate-Dusted Scallops With Vanilla Butter Sauce
Cocoa-Date Truffles
Chocolate Chip Date French Toast

Black Butte Porter 24th special edition from Deschutes Brewing Nitch rated 4.33/5

A: Black as a stale cup of American decaf, held to the light you get a big eye full of abyss. Huge dark tan head with mild lacing.4.0

S: Caramel malts, chocolate heaps, choco milk, licorice and spice 4.0

T: Bitter cocoa, light sweet finish with touches of dried red fruits like figs or raisins 4.5

M: Light fading carbnoatin, not too creamy but med/heavy body 4.0

O: Lovely, delightful. I like a good dark start, middle or finish to my night. No coffee but high alchol heating the cheeks, warming the heart and coating the mouth in chocolate goodness. I could sip this all evenig into a cold winter, but would much rather store one and see what happens over the years. 4.5

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