Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tasting- Burleigh Brewing

First Craft Beer Contact in Australia!

I'm just finishing the morning open routine for the bar, when some jack ass comes marching in with a much younger girl at his side.

"If you think I'm serving you, then think again buddy, we open in 3 minutes"

No need to alarm yourself bartender girl, we are representatives from Burleigh Brewing.

Brad, I think his name was or Dan and the girl didn't talk much, she might have been there for show. Him and I chatted for onto 45 minutes about beer in general.

Smell the sweet air of beer geek conversation flowing like crisp blossoming spring hops! Short lived as it was, I feel energized to once again give this massive chunk of rock another chance at being awesome for beer.

Free Beer samples!

BURLEIGH BREWING- 28 Pale Ale 4.8%


A: golden, bright color, med bubbles, nice thick head

S: caramel, bananas, hoppy

T: bitter strike, soft florals, with smooth finish, not much after taste, balanced sweet/acid

Burleigh Brewing after the first contact

Later in the year I was able to reboot my Burleigh interest with a new addition to their roaster- A black lager! These seems to be some kind of baby step toward stouts, as a few other craft Australian breweries have followed their light, head linning beers with a black lager. Although I'm not a huge fan of lagers, the concept of super roasted malts and chocolate/coffee ingredients make me sunny on the inside!

BURLEIGH BREWING- Black giraffe 5% IBU 35, EBL 60

bbc_blackgiraffeA: Dark black, no visible bubbles or movement with a tan, thin head.

S: Caramel, coffee and malt sweetness

T: Salty rather then sweet with caramel/toffee and less chocolate. A deep bitter coffee finish.

M: Medium to heavy body, cream coating with a touch of metallic tang

O: Warming but not a fire place at the feet and snow at the windows drink. It delivers a punch that could compliment some gastronomical dishes like a goat cheese and fig starter to get the palate going. Not something I would drink on it's own.

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