Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beer Froth and Drunk Germans

Froth and Drunk Germans

Reading Froth! The Science of Beer by Mark Denny and waiting for work wasn't enough for my day so I decided to sit back with a pre-effort beer and watch a brew related flick.

The Official German Beer Guide from the library

I wouldn't push this docu trash on another living soul. The totality of the movie comprises of some German guys with a <shitty> camera who kinda filmed some things about beer and did some light research then filmed 45mins of themselves sampling beers while getting drunk, chatting up people in the seats next to them and making comments like, "yeah, I liked this one better then the first one."

Not even any of this! ------------------------------->German-Beer-Girl-Fork-Party

The cooking section makes even less sense. I'm not sure how this even became a movie.

Spite you library for supporting it.

 kein Dank Sie

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