Friday, April 18, 2014

Deck & Donohue

the new age D&D.

Around Paris when people refer to D&D, they no longer mean the 70's mash hit paper and pencil gaming adventure that turned so many single men into single reclusive men. We mean Deck & Donohue!


Located along metro line 9, the French/American duo behind Pari's newest micro-brewery is opening it's doors to tastings and spreading around the bar/restaurant scene like wildfire. For a back story on how Deck & Donohue made their way to Paris take a look at their colorful 'something brewing' blog.

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Sniff, sniff and hands on (with a beer in one hand), tours through the brewery are in French, English or Franglish as required.

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There are currently five brews available: Trouble #6 Blonde, Mission Pale Ale, Indigo IPA, Monk Hoppy Amber. All fantastic, well balanced and simple. Although I'm usually a 'darker the better' kinda girl, the Pale ale with it's citrus and orange blossom notes is heavenly. I ran into D&D's Mission Pale Ale on draft while on an adventure with Not drinking poison in Paris at Les Trois 8. Meg over at de quelle planete es-tu? is a hoppy beer fan and an IPA fanatic,
"their Indigo IPA did just the trick for me."


Happy Beer time goes into detail about the 10 year friendship between Deck Thomas and Mike Donohue. Their lives went different directions with Thomas in France home brewing through his business degree and Mike gaining professional experience with legendary 21st Amendment brewpub.


For more of Nitch's pictures from the tasting event, head over to her facebook or check out Whats so great about Paris from my buddy Kate.



New hot spot cafe HolyBelly cafe carries Deck & Donohue! Check out their beautiful event photos or hop over to La Moustache Blanche for a take home bottle.


71, rue de la Fraternité à Montreuil

Open to the public Saturdays 10am to 3pm, no reservation needed!

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  1. I really love the design of D&D.

    I have not pleasure to taste their beers but I would like so much.

    Thanks for your present Nich'

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  3. […] Paris’s beer brewing history is sadly short lived and hard to uncover. Two things are known: The marco movement effected Paris as much as the rest of the world and the first official local brewery to open in Paris, since the macro brewery decimation, focusing on artistically brewed beers was La Goutte d’Or. The French Kissing micro-brewery that took the first baby step toward renewed interest in craft beer is only the beginning! There are breweries springing up like wild flowers all over Île-de-France; the youngest of which being one of the best so far. […]