Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ughh... KB is full! Oh... Chocolate!

... Or, how to avoid the cafe wifi crowd by enjoying chocolate


On a daily basis the Parisian Anglophone herd moves from one Australian owned coffee to another. Fountation, Lomi Cafe, Ten Belles etc. Meeting up for bisouses, gossip and work while drinking finely crafted cafe filtre and eating delicious handmade goodies.

My local joint is KB :




Trendy looking, no?

Finding a seat is can be a game of human jenga.

Oh... Chocolate!


Three months ago a chocolate boutique opened two doors down from KB. Cafe, lounge, imported goodies and homemade chocolate fondue, all circling around a generous owner who sells the finest products of his mother land: Pays Basque.

Alexandre Passadellis Lafourcade speaks English, French, Spanish and Greek so there is no way to miss his cheery "Welcome," when you take a seat.

[caption id="attachment_2572" align="alignright" width="250"]Basque is that round area in the lower right hand corner: learn more here. Basque is that round area in the lower right hand corner: learn more here.[/caption]

Did I mention the pimente chocolate? You heard me. Order an espresso and you get a delicate nugget of pepper spiced 70% cocoa chocolate.

Best part is that there is free wifi and ample seating. Stay as long as you like! There are power outlets galore!

FOR THOSE OF YOU (and you know you who you are) to whom it greatly concern- the bathroom has chocolate Sephora hand soap and an airblade drying machine. Fear not.




 You didn't think I would be writing this if there wasn't a relation to beer did you?

Oh... Chocolate! will be importing a speciality beer from the owner's homeland: La brasserie AKERBELTZ.

Akerbeltz Gorrasta-Ambrée

This spanish blog reviews some of the Akerbeltz beers with favor, saying that although he'd like something with a bit more strength, it beer is fairly well rounded.

From now on, I'll walk past KB (to say hello to my trendy friends) and step two meters down Rue Trudaine to Oh... Chocolate! for my coffee wifi lounging needs.

Get on my level.

XOXO -Nitch

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