Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chop'in Cave à Bière

Local shop owner Lionel Libert (Mickey to his friends) knows his craft beer and is spreading love of the stuff to his neighborhood! On hand to answer home brewing questions, guide newbie beer lovers around the world of beer or simply hang for a chat, the 14th arrondissement's local beer spot is on!



With a generalized selection of French, Belgian and specialty imports, the store has a little something for everyone and a big something for beer nerds. One will find that Mickey is one of Paris's only locations for homebrew retail. And if you're feeling hungry, grab yourself some gourmet pate and sausages for your food pairing needs.

Click here to see Chop'in's full bottle list.


Customers who can't wait to get to their arm load of goodies home, like yours truly, are welcome to a bottle opener. Turn bottle into road beer! On your way out ask the Chop'in CEO for local dining and drinking advice, he won't hesitate to give you suggestions for the area and then go on to suggest some of Paris's better beer joints.


This is the first place where I spotted La P'tite Soeur brand! Check out the video of my morning sampling, where I begin the process of defining the common style of 'noire'.


What is a noire beer? As far I've found, it literally refers to the color of the beer. Is it a Stout or Black Ipa... meh, c'est noire. Gotta love the French mentality. It is in connection with how wine is categorized, I'm assuming. Red wine, is red in color and then it is defined by the grape and the region. Beer styles are color, region and then maybe a style. Weisse beer is a blanche (white), Russian Imperial stout (noire) and American Pale Ale (blonde). Rather convenient really.


Red, white or blue, Chop'in cave à bière's tailored advice and jolly atmosphere gain a big two thumbs up from this beer hunter. Stand around long enough and you'll see why no one leaves the shop without a big smile.

Beer samples anyone?


45 Rue de Gergovie 75014 PARIS

Open Tuesday- Saturday

11am- 2pm and 3:30pm-8pm

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