Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hot girl in a cold beer bath

"It's so cold!"

The hot 'german' girl who refuses to take her shorts off, as she lowers herself into the malty beer bath, harping about the mountain cold beer.

Spur of the moment video? No time for the beer to room temperature.

If it warmed it would have smelt even worse.

This is no Pilsen beer bath with optional massage, ya know. No sweet malts and grassy notes. The germans over in Pilsen don't do 'beer bath' so much as 'beer spa' and you are intended to relax and beauty brew. It's on my life check list to fall asleep in a hot beer bath with a heff in my hand, nearly drowning in my own golden froth wonder.

What a way to die.

Beer IS good for you hair btw. Check here for details and it likely to have equally great attributes for the skin, but dunking oneself in a cold Budweiser bath isn't going to much other then make you reek of frat house after party.

As for your beer bath maven being german....

...lets give them points for fantasy creativity.

She's hot, the beer is cold- we the point.

There are so many juicy beer bath pictures that I'll leave you with a montage:

 PNXmPN1378233255 8EiB531378233390 HVRENI1378233590 r7YSva1378233658 1XLnI41378233826 rBmD6v1378233942 Yo41DW1378234021 WvN7VW1378234074 gfpZDY1378234126



  1. Hi Nick and which of these beauties is you? ;)

  2. Stay tuned!
    In the next coming months I should be slipping my froth loving limbs into a warm beer bath- there will be an immediate "in the brew" blog post, have no fear at all, my sweet, the day will come!


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