Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beer Freaks! What do they eat, wear and Hello Kitty?

That is right, my sweet faced friends and subscribers, today is something special. Today is a hot, buttery bustling day in Paris and to go with that mess of cultures and coffees, we have a...

[caption id="attachment_1714" align="aligncenter" width="259"]7n7PCv1378386020 see what I did there... mash tun.. mash up... oh the cleverness of me![/caption]

Step one:

What does a proper beer geek slip into after his/her morning beer soak?

All Beers has you covered with this blog and vid about the exceedingly trendy beer thread location in São Paulo, Brazil called Beer Freaks.

6876778e72With freakishly funny and uniquely geeky beer gear, Beer Freaks delivers the social requirement for chest coverings while keeping with the time old nerd tradition of statement piece cotton t-shirts.

Loads of female options (go boobs!) and even some sweat shirts for our cold weather drinkers (Canada, I'm looking at you.)

[caption id="attachment_1715" align="alignleft" width="198"]ac53ec4177 Beer Freaks does beer and zombies effectively doubling the nerd point out put[/caption]

The site is slightly confusing, being all in Portugeuse but my google translate tells me that international shipping isn't an option at this time. Ebay? No luck. Asos, nothing. I give up. I shot over a desperate tweet asking how beer freakers like you and I could get our sticky LME hands a shirt or two. Update when available.

Step Two:

Slap some beer flavored chocolate butter on toasted bread and juice your oj- breakfast of champions. OR, if you are American Beer Geek in Paris and you are trying to Super Size Me yourself to death with hops (#ManSurvivesHops), pour a Nanny State and dip your beer nutella in that.

Unfortunately, like the Beer Freaks threads, Birra Spalmabile (spal-ma-bile? We need this pronounced by an Italian), will not be available in the US and costs about £25 ($40 or  €30) for shipping around the EU. Selfridges&Co says they have plans to get the stuff over to the US in the next coming months, but don't hold your breath and hope that the reasonably low price of jar (£8, $12, or €9 depending on the day) doesn't change with it's new found popularity.


Steps Three and Four:

Slip on your favorite Hello Kitty sneakers, put on your Hello Kitty hat and headphones, apply your hello Kitty glip gloss, comb your beard with your Hello Kitty beard comber and grab a few bottles of your new Hello Kitty beer from the Hello Kitty refrigerator before leaving your Hello Kitty house.


Oh yeah- Hello Kitty beer, that just happened.


This Hello Kitty beer thing has happened before with Beck's, but never has it had such exciting new flavors!

Hello Kitty lemon lime, Hello Kitty peach! Passion fruit and Banana Hello Kitty beer might be out there in Bejing somewhere but no one has yet to sample it. Mostly marketed for China, this Beer Gear Mash piece might also not be available to the common American- yet.

[caption id="attachment_1724" align="alignleft" width="214"]images-1 Not available in Hello Kitty pink, unfortunately[/caption]

To keep your Hello Kitty Peach flavor beer chilly fresh, put the cans in this Case Coolie. Lightweight, ice-less, build in holder and all the Case Coolie is your picnic, tailgating Hello Kitty shopping best friend.

Our Beer Gear has been mashed together and we are ready to set out on anther hop hunting adventure!

For other beer related (but not drinkable) ideas, including a prediction about our future selfs downloading beer directly into our cortex, check out The BeerCast with: is drinking passé?



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