Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tasting: O'hara's Irish Stout 4/5

O'hara's Irish Stout By Carlow Brewing 33cl 4.5% Nitch rated 4/5

We gobbled this beauty down while driving to a rock show, joint in the other hand, laughing at insane Fred jokes. Least to say that the night ended drinking champagne in a fantastically retro apartment sometime around 4am. From what I rambled off onto a napkin while passenger'ing, my tasting notes:

A: cold coffee with a thick tan head filled with large bubbles. A chestnut and soot swirl when held to the light 4.0

S: coffee, toasted malts 4.0

T: All coffee and straight malt. A bitter sweet chocolate taste, like baking chocolate and a a great spiced/earthy hop kick when finishing 4.0

M: very dry 4.0

O: Not very creamy, but not needed as the soft head cushions the sipping. At 4.5% there is no stopping the classic representation of an Irish Stout with a dryness and a smooth drinkability intended to keep you up all night singing. 4.0

picture by _TooL_

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