Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tasting: Hercule Stout

Hercule Stout Nitch rated 3.88/5

Crisp, beautiful picture taken by Mike as Nitch's camer is still financially impaired

A: Hazy coca cola/coffee with a bubbly tan head that fades into a heavy lacing 4.5

S: heaps of esters hitting the nose, toasted malts and ripe fruits, figs covered in sugar 3.5

T: Chocolate, herbaceous with a coffee, malted after taste. Pure choco- tart and dry. Little citrus at the finish 4.0

M: Dry, not a cream stout 3.5

O: All around mild, not a stand out beer, very drinkable. A total go to for a dark love affair. 4.0

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