Thursday, November 22, 2012

French Think Over 160% Tax Hike On Beer

French government is looking to impliment a 160% tax increase on beer
(and only beer) this coming January. Not set in stone as of yet, but the rough die cut has been chiseled out and they are seeking out Chinese sweat shops for mass stone tablet production. 

"Beer sold in France is set to see a 120% tax hike.  The secretary-general of the Brewers of Europe says the move threatens thousands of French bars, and will have a knock-on effect for brewers across Europe," says on November 19 2012

Pierre-Olivier Bergeron is secretary-general of the Brewers of Europe. He spoke to EurActiv’s Jeremy Fleming. 
And then I held an interview with the news article going something like this:

How does this effect The Nitch? 
"...a consumer entering a bar will find a small beer is suddenly around 30 to 40 cents more expensive..."
3.50€ will bop to almost 4.00€? Ick.
Does that mean this revenue building tax will create jobs or, at least, will the governement make heaps of cash off the lowly beer drinkers?
" consumption in France at just 30 litres per head per year, the second lowest in the EU, and beer representing over a third of the revenues for French caf├ęs and brasseries, it is sure that extreme tax hikes can only further accelerate the decline of the beer market and the closure of yet more pubs and bars."
Big NO and then a maybe, for a bit.
Of course, all areas of liquor will get hit equally hard on this one, not like American's and their tax cuts for the rich, right? 
"This measure stigmatises and focuses on beer. Wine and spirits will not face a tax increase."
How is this different from the Scottish mininum price plan? (here is what that silly debacle is about in the land of kilts)
"French government proposal is intended to be a revenue generator whilst the Scottish plan is proposed as a public health measure." 
At least the non-alcoholic beer sucklers are safe, god bless 
"...non-alcoholic beer will also be hit with a tax rise..."

Then we have one Laurent Mousson, who pipes in on the 21st with:

Alll very well, Except this was already sorely out of date when published.On the day after [16 November], the Senate did not approve the Finance plan of Social Security (PFLSS) for 2013, which included this measure. So it's still 160% hike for breweries above 200,000 hl/year and those below 10,000 hl/year. 
The hike being lower for 10,000 to 50,000 (120%) and 50,000 to 200,000 (75%), as those are now bundled together with the lower category in the sliding scale of duty, i.e. 50% below full rate. Go figure what went on in their heads at the time... 
A mixed senate / national assembly met yesterday (20 Nov) and did not reach a consensus so it's back in the national assembly, today in the social affairs' commission, and in plenary on 26 Nov., then to the senate on 27 Nov.
Thank you kindly Laurent.
More news after the 27th then, eh. Shall we all cross our fingers or something?

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