Friday, June 10, 2011

Tasting in Brittany

61e37e60-ddec-012d-ca7c-0050569439b1In a handmade boat, 12 years in the making by The French Man's grandparents, we took a tour of Brittany!

Stopped over and had some black grain crepes which are now on my food love list above quesadillas but below nachos.

And of course, beers:

BRASSERIE LANCELOT- Duchesse Anne (a real person) 6%

A: Blond, not hazy lots of little bubbles




A: Very dark brown, thick head, light fizz

S: yeast, clean, earthy

T: nutty with dry finish, sweet

Organic, same wheat used to make dark crepes


LA MORGOT0000005823-morgat- La biere de belle ile en mer Ambree 5.5% from 56360 Belle island en mer

A: Very light brown, random medium bubbles, golden base, medium haze

S: sweet, earth, nut, toasted

T: Caramel, wheat, yeast finish, almost tart/sour on back of palate.

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