Thursday, June 2, 2011

Clowns, Brussels and Beers


The French man and I hit up one of the more colorful locations in Brussels which happened to also be one of the harder ones to locate. There was a small sign and drunk day time locals. We drank heartily and took notes sparingly.

[caption id="attachment_890" align="alignleft" width="126"]thumb_wolf-7-belgian-ale Wolf[/caption]


A: Blond

S: Currants, yeast

[caption id="attachment_889" align="alignright" width="263"]images The brewery recently went through a label change it seems[/caption]



ELLEZELOISE- Hercule Stout 9%

A: Very dark

S: Oat

T: Chocolate, bitter

M: Light cream lingering



imgresTRAPPIST- Achel 8%

A: Blond, hazy, thin bubbles

S: Country, flower, fruit

T: Young, flower, hops, metallic

O: "Tasty a like good sex party but not as strong as a gangbang," -French Man

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