Saturday, March 22, 2014

It can be as difficult as licking a train

A moving train.

Tricky thing to lick, that.
In general what people put their tongues on (/r/SaladTossing NSFW excluded) are things that are not moving and dirty.

What was the last thing you licked?


I would lick Paris, even though it is more polluted than Bejing. Hey, at least we got some free metro out of it.

[caption id="attachment_2546" align="aligncenter" width="640"]paris-takes-drastic-measures-to-fight-high-pollution Normal Eiffel Tower in the spring vs the Tower over the weekend. Photo courtesy of The Economic Times[/caption]

The expression for "window-shopping" in French is faire du lèche-vitrines (literally, "window-licking")


Forget trains, dirty cities and tasteless windows!

Lets lick a cigar and beer pairing


Tom from recently came back from the bounty of American beer culture with arm loads of goodies. One being Goose Island's Bourbon County 2013 Brand Stout.

14.9% abv with mountains of smooth textured barrel aged goodness. The silky smooth brew hides the alcohol content like a master trickster and washes the palate with deep wooded rhum raison, crushed vanilla beans and the lightest touch of black licorice.


My medium body cuban with it's slightly sweet and nutty flavor had no chance of taking on the beer. The spice of the tobacco was washed away with each sip. A revolving door of delight.

Nothing better than a night in with a Trinidad Habana Cuba and a short glass of 5 year barrel aged stout.

What are you licking?


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  1. I like to lick the fermented pickles I make.