Friday, March 21, 2014

Is this Gallia Paris?


Oh good! I love Paris.


When drunk people meet sunlight it can be hard to determine where in the European nation one is. Better to come out of your drunk delirium at Sacre Coeur in the blazing spring sunshine with a picnic spread than to crawl from the metro into the grey of London.

The spring weather has returned to the city of romance and people are flocking to open areas in droves.


A revived Parisian beer brand

Brewed in Paris from 1890 until 1968, Parisians lost a great brand when Gallia closed it's doors. Winning a gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1900, Gallia Paris was fully in control of the city's beer scene with a brewery in the 14th arrondissement that was the largest in the capital.

Today, reborn by two entrepreneur enthusiasts and backed by the original brewer's family, Gallia Paris is making a move from universal basic beer to micro-brewing.

Gallia's current two beers, a primitive blond and an unsuccessful wheat (blanche/white) are slowly being moved aside to make room for new brewing equipment. With a new brewer and a drive to capture the craft beer market, Gallia promises to move the historic Parisian brand name into the artisanal market. And we are excited!

DSCF6623As for their main flagship beer, Gallia is lacking in crispness but not unusually off mark for a typic French blond beer. The color is more tawny than 'blond' but the light use of hops and grain texture are hallmarks of standardized mass brewing. A picnic beer that pairs great with an array of cheese, meats and fresh bread.

Gallia re-hatched a historical beer brand and has stuck with the style that was famous in 1890. Until now.

Check back for more updates on the exciting progression of Gallia Paris from macro influenced to micro romance.


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