Friday, February 7, 2014

Wild Beer with modern art and people who wait in line for the library


Centre Pompidou

is one of Paris's must see museum destinations. I'd recommend a quick run through of the Louvre and then a full day at Pompidou. There is something for everyone in the modern art museum, with it's Frida Kahlo children's playground, underground cinema and extremely popular library. Expect to said at least a half an hour in an outdoor queue before gaining entry in the trendy information station. What better place to get wild than a place showcasing surrealistic art!

[caption id="attachment_2426" align="aligncenter" width="418"]chaussures-beaubourg It's art. Think about it.[/caption]

WILD BEER- Scarlet Fever


Beer drinkers gone wild! As me and The Ben take in eye-ball fulls of optical illusion art, science fiction inspired murals and, of course, dodge photo bombing a million tourist photos, we crack open one of the beers sent over from the UK by The Craft Beer Channel boys.

All available wall space is used to prop up dead eyed tourists and wide eyed art students from around the world.

The Ben who so generously sought out small craft beer in Belgium and toted it back to Paris for this video, also happens to be an art student. He calls Pompidou his second home, he has the annual pass and is a craft beer virgin.


We cracked open the Wild Beer in a remote area of the museum and tried to be discretely wild without drawing the attention of the guards.


Mostly we got disapproving looks from sketch artists and longing glances from passing tourists. Bet you wish you'd thought of having a great craft beer while soaking up the latest in modern culture! And, just to prove the wildness of our event, I spilt some of the beer on the floor (not intentional).


A: Due to the general walking nature of museums, our bottle was room temperature and foamy as fuck. The head is clearly over done and, although I'd love to say something wild came out of the bottle, mostly we got a hazy, fat bubbled ruby root beer.

S: Large caramel, toffee and brown sugar notes. Some hay, citrus and grass peaks around the corner but mostly the nose is about roasted malts and belgian spices.

T: From the nose I was guessing there might be some kind of Belgian yeast in here and the cumin comes out a bit which is hard to peg as the yeast or some kind of added spice from the malt list. Spice, caramel malts and a great citrus hop hit to reshuffle the mouth for the next blow.

M: Fairly bready with a solid medium body

O: Drink Wildly Different the bottle tells us. And we did. The beer itself is pretty wild, but also pretty well balanced.

I'd recommend Wild Beer's Scarlet Fever to anyone who is a malt monster. Hop heads might find it too sweet and porter pounders won't understand the lack of body. This wild thing beer is exactly what it says it is: different, roasted toffee and citrus hops.


Beer geeks don't just drink beer, we take home the bottle. Beer geek lady types (yours truly) need clean bottles so as to not ruin their vintage hand bags. Are you a beer geek?

The men's bathroom had an extremely artistic piece of modern art in it that we later discovered was a big caution line due to some large tourist having cracked a toilet bowl. Wild shit, not photographed.


Don't limit your beer drinking to tables and chairs, kick up a Wild Beer storm! But remember to stay behind the viewing lines or the security guards will follow you around for the rest of stay. Liability perhaps, but drunk we are not. Yet. 4.8% abv

Drink Wildly Different





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