Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drinking Yellow Snow on a rainy night

The weather here in Paris has been a bit lacking in warmth, if you get my drift. The rains come and go, but cold is the constant word: froid.
Oui, il fait le froid aujourd'hui, mais pas aussi mal que l'année dernière

Yes, it's cold today but not as bad as last year, they all say. Well, last year it snowed and I fucking loved it. If it is going to be cold, we might as well get some visual intrigue out of it and be allowed to kick up some snow balls. Instead, as usually happens when things get frosty outside, our insides start begging for heating elements. Since there is no snow to pee on, we are content to drink yellow snow:

ROGUE- Yellow Snow Ale 6.5% abv


Recently imported by BièrEVOLUTION Rogue's winter themed IPA closed my Friday evening of work and socializing.

I'd sipped on some Mamouche by CANTILLON, shared a bottle NØGNE Ø's Imperial Stout with a customer and had a half pint of Zwarts & Wit by DE MOLEN as my after work drink. But no one wants to stay at work too long after finishing, even if work has the best tap list in town.

From point A to point B

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 6.32.42 PM


Off from one of Paris's best craft beer bars, cross the nearly empty rain drenched streets to the other of Paris's best craft beer bars and gander at a tap list that is mostly stuff I'm not into. I'm sitting at the bar alone because my friends are the bartenders, they generally have to stand, and start thinking about Oregon. Winter in Oregon is much like whats outside Paris at the moment.

giphyNewport Oregon's Rogue Brewery embraces rain with more grace than I do. I stayed inside until the rain stopped. Gave me time to taste my beer. A few times.

A: Chill hazed, tawny orange with a thick soapy white head

S: Orange blossom, very faint grassy notes and maybe a bit of green apple. The malt tones a underlaying and more roasty than expected on the nose of an IPA.

T: An oily pine and citrus/grapefruit beginning balances to a toasted wheat and roasted cereals.

M: Surprisingly on the lighter side but very oily.

O: On the milder side of an IPA and not as well matched with the 70IBU being a little unnecessary since the sugar of the malts takes over the finish. A great go to brew, better than a lot of general IPA stuff and sessionable. I sessioned it. You can too!

I'd recommend a bit of Yellow Snow to anyone who likes those exotic orange and fruit hops but also enjoys a sweeter beer. More of a hop head thing than a beginner brew but great for late night palate cleansing and rainy day sipping.



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