Tuesday, January 21, 2014

After Work Beer Review- Brooklyn IPA

I don't always drink at work, but when I do- it's never .... really the same ....thing. Last time it was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and this time, my money counting co-worker has joined me on film to discuss what makes the India Pale Ale such a novelty in France with some

Brooklyn IPA

"This might be a little crazy but this is a beer I would consider eating with."


The multi lingual self craft beer convert, Roberto points out that French hardly ever (mostly never) drink beer with meals. New and exciting ways to enjoy hoppy beer!

Check out the Brooklyn Brewing page for details about where you can find a pint or two. It's pretty average stuff but bounds above general commercial goo. I had some gentlemen in the bar tonight who hail from Brooklyn and were excited to see the beer (not the price). They might love their city but they shadow current American drinking culture:

"I love Brooklyn lager! But it's the pale ales that everyone goes for so we don't really drink it much."

-Brooklyn native #1


"I drink Sierra Nevada. It's cool to see our beer all the way over here though. Do French people go wild for this stuff or what?"

-Brooklyn native #2

Brooklyn East India Pale AleThe answer is mostly no. To say that they go wild is totally wrong but they do like the idea of "American beer," which is why they also enjoy drinking Duff, even though it's made in Germany. (More on that later). Most can distinctly taste the difference and when not drawn to "le moins cher" or "the more cheap" beer they are delighted with Brooklyn lager.

We aren't sampling the lager in this video because I also, am not a lager fan. Instead we wrap our brains around the Brooklyn IPA and what the average French person thinks of beer.

The "American style" Pub

O'Connell's is your average dive type late night bar. The people that come in range from 18 year old kids who like tequila shots (or the cheapest thing possible) to business men who don't blink at paying extra for good scotch. There are students, locals, lovers and vacationers. We get em all! And we sell a wide range of beers to accommodate.

Considered an "American style" pub, O'Connell's is slowly expanding it's base set of regulars by adding time old American traditions. Including: bi monthly beer pong tournaments, ladies night, burgers with home made fries and a general sense of "anything goes."

Pub = America. In Paris. We sell Guinness but we aren't an Irish Pub, we don't have Jameson.

More to come about O'Connells and their beers! The future of top secret, but I can say that I won't be doing my own editing this time. Heehehee.

A bientôt!

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