Sunday, October 28, 2012

Iwate Kura Brewery

(get google to translate that for ya)

Here is a rough cut piece on an adventure through the brewery where, as though it was almost over looked, the tasting comes around at the end featuring tongue twisting lovelies like  persimmon lambic and 14% abv 2010 vintage barley wine in a boxed bottle.

One of my favorite (an only continually subscribed to) beer bloggers in Japan had a more in depth plunge through the brewing bliss of Ichinoseki.


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  2. Roger that, Sir.
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    Might I suggest that in the future you ask for the picture to sourced to your site instead of being removed, thus creating more buzz for you. Either way, old post that doesn't get much foot traffic and I apologize for neglecting to link your site in the first place.

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