Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tasting- Knappstein


Byron Bay's Balcony bar served me bad orysters and didn't give a shit. They get no link and no more words.

DSC_0103 4Knappstein has some classy looking bottles and hypes up the fact that they are wine makers who impart their supposed superior wine knowledge into the beer world. The winery area is called Claire Valley and, as the label also states, they are en enterprise. Not to be confused the Star Trek, here is what an enterprise is when referring to wine and beer. The winery makes just this one style of beer, lager, and seems to have no interest in deepening the venture any further  Basically it's like a, "ha ha, see! We CAN make beer too."

KNAPPSTEIN- Reserve Lager 5.6%

A: Light mustard with a bit of haze

S: Light hop florals and spices.

T: Bitter end finish but a strong lager yeast presence through out. There is a very green and grassy sense to the whole thing.

M: Clean, light body.

O: A soft and hoppy lager, smooth and very drinkable with a nice spice hiding around the edges.

I suppose they call it a reserve lager because most of the year they are forced to drink their own wine. We can all admit that summer heat and chilled lagers are best friends. Wine is for the table while lagers are for mowing the lawn. Knappstein, like the pharaohs, needed to pay their workers according to demand and weren't likely to get good reactions on spritzers and sangria all the time. They dipped their toes into the beer world and are satisfied with staying wine dry.

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