Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crackin me up!

Mrs. Mardi (my work wife for those of you just tuning in), just got back from a three week vacation in the American homeland. Birthplace of hipsters, bubblegum kush and mecca of craft beer : Seattle.

Okay, okay, maybe Portland is a better fit for the descriptors but she was in both places and she had much entertainment. Most importantly, she brought back beer.

Or cider :

2 towns CiderHouse

First of all the labeling on the can is so extremely northwest that it's almost tragic. HARDCORE CUTE LIBRAL YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS!

And then you have the liquid itself... Let's just say it's a one time thing. Rhubarb tart with a lingering sweetness and an under lining note of barbie plastic.

My friend here has a nut allergy. He is dangerously close to this nut. 2 towns CiderHouse is in more danger than he is of crossing the line. Take a step back Pacific north west people and make sure what your doing isn't 100% nutty crazy brain stuff.

Other then that, keep up the good work!


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