Thursday, December 26, 2013

Papa Noël's shrimp and Kernel loving beard


Noël !


What is better than stuffing one's face with oysters, shrimp with home made mayonnaise, vegan falafel, deviled eggs (aka mimosas en français) and sauvage saumon?

Stuffing one's face in good company while listening to christmas songs and discussing beer! That's what!

The Noël Box

This winter season left Nitch family-less, partner-less and in a general, "bah-humbug, it's just another day," kinda mood.

Until recieving a box on christmas eve.

Santa came early and he came in the form of a a three headed english man: The Craft Beer Channel. Jonny and the gents from The Craft Beer Channel had sent over a box of hand selected craft brews from the UK and mailed them over to Paris just in time for christmas diner!

Watch me unwrapping the box of goodies here.

The Noël Drink

With two bottles of beer mail in tow, I attended a private dinner party with the family of my Marilyn Monroe like friend.

The Kernel


Santa's Beard


Marilyn picked up on the caramel notes of Santa's Beard but explained that champagne was the chocolate cookie of Christmas in her French upbringing:
"We always had to leave a glass of champagne out for Santa before we went to bed."

The Noël Food

Marilyn's sister is married to a Columbian man who whipped up a guacamole like it was bread and butter. He also happened to be a beer fan and had some nice German lagers on hand. We were able to wade through Spanish vs English accented French to discuss the differences between lagers and ales. Education is key to enjoyment, I educated myself with his guacamole recipe while he sipped on the best fermented hops this side of the ocean.

La Mère buzzed around with arm loads of excessively delicious foods in quantities that would have suggested an army was in attendance.

I did my personal best to put a dent in the two kilos of shrimp. Because I wanted to eat them and no one else knew how. I realized that no matter how badly one might want to stop eating, there is always room for more cheese... cheese cake... chocolate tiramisu... and beer... or champagne. At more than one point we made references to La Grande Bouffe.


The Noël Bisous!

Kisses to everyone this holiday season! I can't wait to see what everyone else eat, drank and discussed for this year's Christmas eve feast.


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