Monday, November 25, 2013

The bigot in all of us- A beer culture classroom

Welcome to

Nitch's School of Higher Hypocritical Learning!

Today kids, we are going to talk about tolerance and French words, ooookay!

Now, first of all children, it's always good to know what a word means before we start throwing it around like an old dolly. So lets ask what bigot means:
A person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, especially on religion, politics or race.

Who do we know that has recently been accused of being a bigot?


Mr. Adrian Dingle. Yes, that is right! No need to ALL shout at once.

Can you name someone else you know who is 'intolerant of any idea other than his or her own?"

who me?

If you pointed to yourself- you get a gold star! imgres

 happy_face_stickers-r10164cf370664ffe8e2a1562b30e866d_v9waf_8byvr_50Mr. Dingle (aka Ding) might not be the most popular beer blogger in the class, but he gets a smiley face next to his name because he old the truth.

I had asked Mr. Dingle to personally email me the article he pulled from The Session #81: Women in Beer Culture.

"Hey Nichole

You owe me nothing, I understand that, but I would really appreciate a SENSIBLE, PRIVATE conversation about it. I hope you'll be able to do that.


images-4I apologize for not being able to keep this one private Ding, but I think there is a valuable lesson to be learned here that the entire beer loving network can benefit from.

Reading The Article

When one reads the article that Mr. Dingle was badgered into removing (and you can read it here, seeing as how the class has made a point to hunt down a virtual copy and post it on the bathroom wall) one's eyes might jump to things like:

"...I do strongly believe that beer has a gender, and it’s not female."

"...‘natural’, norm..."

"...a natural law..."

 "...‘the way it is’..."

"...I find the image of a woman with a pint glass in her hand, truly and quintessentially unfeminine..."

Mr. Dingle starts off his piece by saying that he has spent some real time and thought on his post (unlike SOME of you, you know who you are), and that he is aware that the content is controversial. So, let us take the background that Mr. Dingle offers us, and we will realize that he simply has not the social skills available nor the personal forward desire to be closed into a well heated room with creatures of the opposite sex.

"...pubs were a refuge for men - a place to be away from women..."

"...where men went to get away from all things female rather than to meet and socialize with women."

He firmly believes that beer is a man thing. And, that's completely correct, it very much used to be. All the sentiments that Mr. Dingle relates, the tales of his upbringing and shaping of his ideals are things that, at one point in history, were very much true.

As we all know from your beer history class, though, before beer was bloke'ish, it was queen'sih. Isn't that right Mr. Torres?

Beer has always been a guy thing for Ding and he doesn't question it. Who are we to pull him onto the revolutionist playground?

Remember the definition of a bigot? A person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own...

isn't true

And being true or not has never stopped humans from believing in something. The Bible might not be 'true' to everyone but it is true to some people. Should be burn down all the Bible blogs next?

Ding the Bigot

You are a walking tabloid, the man people love to hate and, like it or not Mr., you are the villain until someone else is tagged. Many people in Hollywood today have made their fortune being that rude, opposition guy but I don't think you do it simply to get attention. I am interested in what you say because you give a point of view that is straight line shit, honest to your bones and a great reminder that not everyone thinks like everyone else.

As I stated on twitter

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 1.04.27 AM

I KNEW you were going to say something fucked up and I was extremely excited to have my jaw hit the floor in disbelief.

I was surprised, however that you pulled the article. It was a mistake. It showed the rest of the class that they had the power to influence you to change who you are, because you aren't them.

The bigot in all of us

Pint glasses really AREN'T very lady like. In my opinion they aren't even very proper beer representation at all. By the time you drink half why through the 50cl of beer, the oils from your lips have messed the head all up and the carbonation has started to lean, not to mention the factors from the heat conversion of your hand through the glass. Which is part of the reason why a beer glass like this one was made.url-2

None the less, I look amazing while holding a pint glass (because I always look amazing) and never assume a man to judge me for my drinking vessel. If Ding would refuse my flirtations because I was holding a pint, so fucking be it, his loss and why does that matter to anyone else? Are there any readers thinking, "damn you Ding, NOW I know why I haven't met my prince charming! It's all my damn pint glass holding?!" I think not.

In fact, from reading The Session #81's posts it seems that many couples were brought together over women holding pint glasses (or their willingness to do so).

Perhaps it is my, leave the weird kid alone (his parent's likely own guns) syndrome but I felt the need to to sit you all down like this and liberally use the fuck and shit words, because in America (and it isn't the case in all parts of the world) freedom of speech is right. It's a right because it allows for greater learning.

Let us look at Mr. Dingle's blog with insight and avoid taking it personally. If youtube has taught us anything it is that creative criticism is always welcomed, but straight out harassment has never been accepted (although it is sometimes funny, that's besides the point).

French lesson

As with most romance languages French words have genders. In French female words usually (but not always) are denoted by an E at the end. In all cases there is a LA (female) or LE (male). Correctly comment below the genders of each of the following words and you'll get to leave early for snack time!

The Beer- La bière

The Glass- Le Verre

The Pint- La Pinte

The Bar (as in pub)- Le Bar

The Brewery- La Brasserie

For extra points! Is bigot (a word originating from France) a masculine or feminine word?

Good Work Everyone!

Those of you who get the point may now leave.

When you come back we'll all be sharing stories!! The Session #82's Beery Yarns!

When story time comes, lets all make sure to pack in close and leave room in the line for the sugar bowl.



  1. Interesting take on his post.

    I read some of the original... I think it was retweeted into my timeline or something, and thought "well this guy is a bit of a dick" and then moved on.

    Nothing worth getting riled up about. He has an opinion, I disagree, most people did, but no need to give him attention for it.

    If we did that with everyone we disagreed with it would be a awfully tiring.

  2. A-
    Although I COMPLETELY agree that one should avoid the riling up, and I'm proud of you for doing so, it seems that lots of other people did not have your peace of mind (me included).
    If it had simply been, "oh there he goes again.." then things would have been fine but from what I hear people got rather rough with the rebuttals.
    As for people getting tired of giving negative attention -the internet knows no sleep- (0.o)

  3. I was disappointed the blog was pulled. I figure Ding is entitled to his opinion whether I agree with it or not. But if you're going to write that, you need to have the courage to stand by it while others also express their opinions.

  4. But, but, but, beer was historically the domain of women at first....or did all my beer history classes lie?

  5. I'm sorry that you couldn't agree to do as I asked.

    Here's the problem with your mischaracterization of me and the reason that you are wrong about using the word bigot; It's right there in your definition - I'm NOT 'intolerant' of such things, in fact I rarely give it a passing thought. Now, if you want to get me started on the abuse of cask ale in the USA and @sessionbeer, and then you will see absolute intolerance but not on this issue.

  6. A+
    Glen, you're usually thinking my thoughts.


  7. I apologize again for not being able to keep this one in the bag. I have a big mouth- it comes with being a blogger, I think. Or, it could just be me.
    Past that, what you have stated is completely true, your post and your character don't seem to show signs of being intolerant of other people's views on a personal level, just cask ale and beer culture taking steps away from 'tradition'.
    I think that what implies your intolerance is the first set of things I quoted, words like, "the natural law" and " the way it is." When one see's you use such strong terms, much like a Bible sales man, they assume you are set in stone and looking to convert. Some of the stuff you said isn't easy for us fems to hear, ya know, but it's a choice. We can read or not.
    We all agree that it was a worthy addition to the session and that you should have left it up; bigot, no bigot, scary feminists or hyperlinks from hell. We (I) appreciate your work, Ding, don't hold back!


  8. I read the post heard round the world as soon as I saw his link on twitter. When I got to the end I thought to myself "that's about what I expected of him" especially after he announced a few days prior to the post going live that it was going to be controversial. Okay, so it was, but it was him so I didn't comment on his post or elsewhere.

    But then the next day the post was removed and while I'm not interested in labeling someone a bigot or not a bigot, I do think if you're going to run about saying things like "hey, my upcoming post is gonna be controversial" when you finally hit post you owe it to people to leave it there. Don't throw something at us and then run away, because whether or not what he said was bigoted or not, running away like that was the move of a coward. And that, more than anything else here I don't have respect for.

  9. Fight or flight- Ding chose flight.
    I think he was hesitant to post the thing in the first place and that's why he gave the warning. He really didn't want to argue about this one!Too bad for him that other people did, myself included. The article SHOULD have stayed up- one could say that I am a don't remove posted articles bigot. Completely intolerant of it.

    (Stupid word, bigot, it isn't even a real woooord! There is no historical reference as to were it came from and I don't see much future in it either.)

    Thank for chiming in!

  10. Good question Rhino! Gold star for you!
    That is one of those points that Ding as yet to respond to.
    He takes his historical culture references as far back as he personally remembers and stops there. With the beer history education that we all have these days, most of us know enough to steer clear of labeling like Ding did because at one point women ruled the beer scene. It's much like saying that Democrats are the rightful governmental leaders and that it should never change.
    What a world THAT would be!