Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thirsting for: Taedonggang Beer


North Korean Beer

As we know it can be rather difficult to get oneself into the restricted Northern Korea country. Rumors of a lovely lager beer are floating around but like the elusive Hispaniolan Solenodon, sightings are rare.

"Control the beer and you control the people," as they say.

Here we have a bloke from Ireland who gets his hands on some Blueberry North Korean wine, but doesn't manage to find the beer, though the DMZ was top to bottom. 

Taedonggang Beer Commercial

Kim Jong Il looks at beer. 
For more things he looked at 
and things his son is looking at: enter
No idea what they are saying, but the commercial feels nice.

Makes me want to giggle, "Communism can't stop the beer flow!"

Going to the DMZ simply to sample a beer is a perfect reason to go!

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