Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tasting: Dundee IPA

Dundee India Pale Ale ‘Bold and bitter’ 6.3% $18 for 6 pack, Dundee brewing co, Rochester, ny, usa via international liquor wholesalers

A: golden, tan, thin light cream head, medium bubbles

S: Light hops in grass notes

T: bitter in front melts to a grassy malt at the finish and sticks with a cleanness

M: mid stickiness

O: its just simply nice to get an IPA out here! My socks are already being blown at the sheer delight of hops ripping through my taste buds! It’s a beautifully balanced beer moving in lovely waves from striking oily hops to bitter sweet greenness then a malty mild finish that fades quickly away making you crave another go at the rollercoaster. Thank you America for making these beers and kudos to you Australia for making an effort at outreach. 

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