Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tasting: Foster's Sheaf Stout

Foster’s Sheaf Stout 750ml $6, 5.7%

picture from Atattoodtale's weblog

A: Thin cream to light colored head with a ruby red dark body and a mass of bubbles. Could be the glass used: a measuring cup, as it is the only clear, drinking sized container available, we have to do with what we can.

S: Roasted coffee with a hint of sugar.

T: More bubbles then cream but heavier then the normal pale lager styles that are prevalent in Oz. Very slight sweetness followed by a toasted barley with a very bitter coffee finish. 

M: Light coating in the mouth.

O: It reads like a cross between stale old coffee and a flat coca cola. I wouldn’t say that makes me dance for joy but it is the boldest thing I’ve seen around here in ages. It holds the coffee and roasted element required but there is a missing element of sweetness or cream that makes it more of a novelty then it needs to be. It’s the freak bottle at the bottom of the shelf, given to desperate people who once loved the working man’s beer but have lost all memory of what that working man drank. I wouldn’t pear it with anything other then an extremely sweet or savory dish. The bitter coffee roll could cut through just about anything and still leave a breathy lingering for hours. 

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