Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are we taking beer too serious?!

With things like Louisiana State residents not being able to purchase cold beer and Budweiser changing Brazilian law, I can't help but get a little joker faced when I see craft beer people getting petty about beer.

Today I received this message from an unnamed fellow beer blogger:
"Hey, that’s my photo. You’ve copied it from my blog. Please take it down."
I dig it man. That beer porn is important to you. And if it were a picture of your wife, with all her bubbly glory in a high resolution close up, then yeah sure by all means, give me the "hey, that's mine!" message. But, your site was cited and commented on, the picture isn't trade marked and, it isn't like I'm making big bucks off this blog. I'm not upset. I took the post down. It was a shitty old post that I had completely forgot about. What does grate me is this serious approach to selfishness with beer.

People die every day over beer related disputes.

There are folks out there torturing small fuzzy tree animals to make poop bean infused beer, yuppies are paying $120 bottle for shaved truffle pilsner and Africans are making some serious sociological and economical changes with beer. Yet things like beer name disputes are headline news: Godzilla (Mechagodzilla to be specific) kept from stomping around New Orleans beer cans!

Beer is serious in a lot of ways and a lot of people depend on it. Including yours truly. The business of beer drinking and production incompasses many aspects of human life so how about we start this whole world peace bit with some hand to can to hand.

If nothing else, then give me a high five for extending a link to your beer blog, bro.


You have free reign to use anything from my site in any way you effing like so long as you credit me.


Sharing is caring! If not our actual cans of beer, then at least the beerographic snap shots we post on the internet.



  1. I'm always 100% happy to share content if someone links back to my blog, assuming they're not making money from my work (like those guys who stole beer photos from bloggers to sell as tshirts a while back).

  2. Oh Nitch you do not want to give me that kind of free reign....I have a dirty mind and all....

  3. I would generally ask, as long as I could find contact details. I've done the use-with-credit thing too, though I think the owner would be entirely within their rights to ask me to remove it. Their stuff, their rules.

    It's fine if you don't mind your stuff being re-used, but not everyone who creates things feels that way. Saying that they shouldn't feel the way they feel (because more people see their stuff; because there are more important things going on) is a wee bit dickish, in this blogger's opinion.

  4. I'm with you! I mean, honestly, if I saw my photo being used elsewhere, I think I'd cry with joy.

  5. Ask? The American government monitors every thing we do on the inter web, facebook is legally allowed to re-use any pictures you post to their service in any way they see fit and I'm supposed to personally email a bloke and ask if I can use a picture he snapped of a glass of beer?
    Don't get me wrong, I respect artists and copy rights and all that jazz but I also would appreciate a bit of one to one sincerity on the topic; I'm sure I'm not the first or only person to have used the picture seeing as how it's the first photo to pop up when a certain brewery is searched, I am merely the only one to have cited his blog. Like David mentioned, dude could have at least respected that he was being acknowledged for having a groovy pic and THEN become a hoarder by asking me to take it down.
    I mean, try to keep my dickness out of people's eye receptors but sometimes my shit gets outta control, ya know what I mean.
    Squish, squish.
    Right click.
    Beer porn saved to personal file for future use.
    We've all done it.

  6. Had you in mind when I went back and prof read the piece and thought,
    "fuck it. Let Chad edit my head onto this (NSFW) picture and we can all have a laugh."
    If someone is willing to put forth effort to mess with my photos then more power to em. As long as I'm credit to it, I'm game.

  7. At least someone shares my excitement for inter-web connections! Cheers!

  8. We agree completely! But, what, what, what... is this story? Isn't that type of stealing honestly illegal? Source link please!

  9. This is ridiculous. As if the picture was a work of art.

  10. Right on Nitch. The craft beer world is starting to get stuffy. Gotta drink sarcastically, just enjoy the product.